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Designer Spotlight: Casa Mami


Designer Spotlight: Casa Mami
Casa Mami isn't your typical Airbnb listing. Sitting on five acres of California desert, this secluded retreat not only provides peace and quiet, it offers guests the chance to buy the items that are in the home. For Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown, the minds behind Casa Mami and owners of Working Holiday Studio, this interactive way of experiencing the product and "shopping the look" is one of many examples of how they bring creativity to their work. We asked the duo about the project and what inspires them.
  Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown with their baby. Why did you choose to build in Pioneertown?
Everyone in the desert tries to blend in, but we wanted to stand out. However, we knew we needed to preserve certain aspects of desert living and let the landscape be the main focal point of the experience.
  Casa Mami's kitchen What inspires you?
Seeing things being done in a different way. I love when people question how things have been done for years and try to take a different approach.
  Casa Mami's bathroom How would you define your signature style, and what advice do you have for those looking to add personality to their homes?
I would say simple is better. Look for inspiration where you least expect it.
  Casa Mami's living room What's the one piece of advice you wish you were given sooner?
Don’t be afraid. It will all be ok at the end.
  Hollywood Sign What’s next for Working Holiday Studio?
We are discussing the idea of opening Casa Mami LA!
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