Dutton 12-Light Chandelier - Brushed Gold
Bardi Pendant Light - Single Light in Brushed Gold & Matte Black
Pendant Lights
Javins 3-Light Flush-Mount Ceiling Light - Aged Brass
Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights
Alfaro Wall Sconce Single light - Clear Shade in Brushed Gold
Wall Sconces
Wetherburn Outdoor Entrance Wall Sconce in Dark Bronze
Outdoor Lighting
Bathroom Vanity Lighting
Andreo 8-Light Pendant - Aged Brass
Linear Chandeliers
Wyndell 6-Light Pendant - Blue
Farmhouse Pendant Lights
Dulancey 4-Light Semi-Flush-Mount Light
Modern Flush Lights
Calera Wall Sconce Single Light Candelabra - Matte Black
Matte Black Wall Sconces
Paddock LED 2-Light Outdoor Entrance Wall Sconce
Outdoor LED Lights
Caviana 5-Light Linear Pendant - Brushed Gold Caviana 5-Light Linear Pendant - Brushed Gold
New Arrivals
The Caviana Collection

Perfect for organic modern and bohemian styles alike, the Caviana Collection’s natural abaca rope texture brings any space to life. These eye-catching fixtures are available in three different sizes, with hardware included for simple installation.

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bathroom vanity with vanity lights double sink vanity with vanity lights
The Stolo Collection

Complete your bathroom upgrade with the timeless design of the Stolo Vanity Light Collection. These durable accents are made of steel and feature subtle knurled detailing along with seeded glass shades that offer a visually-intriguing touch to your space. Depending on your installation preferences, position the Stolo upward or downward.

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bedroom with wall mounted light bedroom with wall mounted light
The Alfaro Collection

Bring Art Deco flair to your next renovation with the Alfaro Lighting Collection. Elegant in design, these stunning pieces feature orb-shaped shades that come in your choice of opal or clear glass. Their eye-catching stems are made of high-quality steel and are available in various enduring finishes.

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Barwell Vanity Sconce - Single Light - Satin Copper
Vanity Sconces
Poplin 2-Light Vanity Light
2-Light Vanity Lights
Alfaro 3-Light Vanity Light - Opal Shade in Brushed Gold
3-Light Vanity Lights
Hesby 4-Light Vanity Lightl - Clear Shade in Satin Copper
4-Light Vanity Lights

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Guest Bathroom Ideas: A Warm Welcome
Pet-Friendly Mudroom Ideas
Easy Upgrades That Make a Difference

Luxurious Lighting Fixtures, Made to Inspire

Shop a wide selection of high-end lighting fixtures. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, outdoor areas, and more, these beautiful accents will bring a modern ambiance to any interior or exterior space. Our home lighting products come in various finishes, from matte black to brushed gold to elevate your next renovation.

How to Choose the Right Lighting Types for Your Home

Different types of lights serve different purposes in a room, depending on how you spend your time there. The three main types of lighting to choose from are ambient, task, and accent lighting. In many cases, a room will utilize all three types. Read our home lighting buying guide to learn more.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures come in all stripes and types. It’s okay to get creative with your lighting and mix and match various types and styles—or keep it cohesive, and shop one of our signature collections.

A chandelier brings drama to any room—most popularly, the entryway, dining room, and living room. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and feature multiple arms ending in a light bulb. They range in styles from simple, geometric shapes—including linear chandeliers—to highly ornate fixtures.

Pendant lighting, like chandeliers, hangs from the ceiling. Single-bulb pendants are a great task lighting option for a kitchen island, while a multi-bulb pendant makes a bold statement for a grand entrance in the foyer. Pendant shades are often made of glass but also come in metal and other materials.

Flush-mount light fixtures install flush with the ceiling, while semi-flush-mount lights hang a few inches below the ceiling. Both serve as ambient lighting, and they’re available in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. While both are ideal for rooms with a low ceiling, semi-flush-mount fixtures are usually a little more decorative than flush-mount lights.

Sconce lights attach to a wall and feature one or two bulbs covered by a shade that diffuses the light. Wall sconces are primarily used for ambient and accent lighting—use them to brighten hallways and add an extra layer of light and decoration in the living room.

Outdoor lighting help keep your property secure, your nighttime strolls safe, and your backyard soirees festive. Our selection includes wall sconce lights, outdoor LED lights, hanging pendants, and lamp post lights.

Bathroom vanity lighting provides task lighting for shaving or putting on makeup. Vanity sconces are single-bulb light fixtures you can install on either side of the mirror, while 2-, 3-, and 4-light vanity fixtures install above or on the sides of the mirror.

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